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well hi peoples i think that everyone should no what the fuck is up with me latly
if no one noticed i havent been me latly there was something wrong with me and today was the toping of my life
i no longer and an albany high student im never going back there i couldnt even finsh a hole day there i walked out at 11:00 got draged back in then i walked out again at 12:30 and then i just said fuck it and i finally left at i think 1:00
kaila got mad at me and she punched a wooden thing in the middle of school got sent to the emergoncy room cuz she broken her hands and her nuckels because of me
nikki might be moving on me to her dads house all the way in freaking staten island
bridget is off to fucken california
jessica is makinbg everyone in fucking albany high turn on me and the one thing i cant have is people being mad and even hate me i just cant have that and the thing is its just because of her fucking mouth she told everyone that im a CRACKHEAD AND A LEZBIAN and they dont like that and i fucking freak
my life is going to shit and im changing all of that and no one is respecting that its eather i get sent away to a fucking home cuz thats there next step or i just leave and i will i promise promise on everything i love that i waill come back just give em time to clear my head i think thats what everyone should do is just go away give yourself a little break from all the drama and all the pain that adalecens brings on you

well i cant write no more cuz i just dont want to but all i have to say is that there is a new elia and everyone is gonna finally meat her so i hope you all likie elia cuz i shure the hell dont but o well i dont ever think im gonna be happy i think i should just give up on my self well the old elia ne ways
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